Steps & Benches

Create an entrance to your pool that commands attention with over 50 standard sizes of steel steps. We can also customize a staircase to meet your special needs and add elegance and function as an attractive seating area. From full wedding cake and full pool width stairs to radius benches and sun shelfs, Elite Pools can install a step, bench or ‘cuddle cove’ to make your pool more functional and fun.

VinylOver-Step Options


The vinyl liner literally covers the entire surface of the pool up to the decking, including the steelstep, creating a finished, custom look. This versatile step will quickly become the favorite area of your pool. The Performance Steel Step isavailable in many standard styles* and can be installed in a variety of positions. Custom styles can be designed to incorporate a bench or sunledge and you’ll appreciate the raised tread pattern for a slip-resistant finish.


The Wedding Cake Step can be used in all vinyl liner pools – polymer, steel, wood, concrete and fiberglass. For uninterrupted beauty of your liner pattern, the Wedding Cake Step is a perfect choice. Consider adding a Wedding Cake Step to give fresh style to an older pool when it’s time for a new liner.


  • 180º Straight
  • 6” Radius Corner
  • 90º Corner
  • 2′ Radius Corner
  • 8′ 6” Radius
  • 9′ Radius
  • 10′ Radius
  • 11′ Radius

Also available as a modular polymer step that will work with both Steep and polymer wall systems,

  • Available in straight tread designs for pools 90º , 6″ and 2′ radius corners in tread length from 4′ up
  • Available for radius pools with an 8’6″, 9′ or 10′ radius wall

Thermoplastic Step Collection

Standard Performance Steps are molded from a solid sheet of coextruded Luran®S with an ABS substrate from BASF resulting in a strong, one-piece design, that will never delaminate, splinter, corrode or puncture.

Raised, non-slip tread pattern allows for safe and easy pool entry and exit.

The high-impact strength and flexibility of weatherable polymers enables Performance Steps to withstand the stress of frost and back fill saturation far better than other materials.